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Planners. Financial Planners advise us to save systematically throughout our earning years so Lifestyle Choices for Where to Live

Retirement is no longer an accurate term for what follows years of employment. There are few of today’s active seniors who choose to enter the sterility of perpetual vacation. Of course, some do and they may find their satisfactions on the golf course or in similar typically avocational pursuits. But, more and more that is the exception.

The question, then, for most people who may be in their 40s, 50s, and 60s is to consider the many options for what they may want to do with the rest of the active lives. Those years grow longer and more productive as medical advances and better living extend the years of vitality and shorten the years of decline. We are a truly fortunate generation.

Most of us plan to stay in our homes after retirement… at least for the time being. Of course, a home intended for children may be more than empty nesters find they need. Plus, things go wrong with a house and fixing things may not be what you enjoy. At some point, many people look around the house, consider that it’s silly to maintain an enormous structure for the few times a year that the children come home, and they start to consider less burdensome alternatives. Not everyone, mind you, but many.

To the right are some options to consider when you are trying to make up your mind.

Thinking Ahead

  Options for Retirement Living 


When to Start? Is it too late?


How much will I need? How can I get there?


Getting lucky: What are the chances that it will all work out for the best?


Taking Stock: Where are we and how can we get to where we need to be?


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