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We're is a nationwide movement with purpose.  We seek to create an Age Friendly America for today's generation of elderly, for the coming generation of elderly, and for the generations to follow.

What makes us unique is that we are cause focused as a movement, with only the leanest structure to meet legal requirements.  Virtually all monies raised, and all individual support provided, goes to advance the cause of improving aging in America so that we can have an Age Friendly America.  

To that end we have kept the trappings of organizational overhead to a minimum.  We are an outgrowth of the National Continuing Care Residents to create a cause so that all Americans, regardless of their means, can enjoy security, fulfillment, and self-determination throughout their elder years.

In short, we are you since we hope that, even if you are not ready yet, you will live to enjoy the fruits of your productive years and we wish you the full dignity that is the just reward for a life well-lived.

Join us in this movement to make the America into which you will age the Age Friendly America that the elderly need and deserve.

We're  We are you.