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Fee Based Financial Planning

Pure Financial Advisors of San Diego as an Example

There are many financial advisers who will offer to help you with planning for retirement and with investing your money along the way.  The risk is that the "adviser" may have a different interest other than your welfare.  As with any other complex transaction, an educated consumer is the best consumer when it comes to making investments.

Joe Anderson, CFP® & "Big Al" Clopine, CPA are unique in the wide ranging educational videos that they have made available to help those struggling with the complexities of planning, saving, and investing to find their way through the thicket of options and the sticky web of taxation.

We feature here Joe and Al, and their firm, Pure Financial Advisers, as a good example of what fee based fiancial planning can be at its best, and what it will cost you if you decide to work with a planner instead of trying to do it yourself.

Let's start at the beginning with their first video session.

Your Money, 
Your Wealth® 
Season 1
Episode 1

Your Money,
Your Wealth® 

Assessing Your Retirement Readiness

This is one my favorites.  Joe and Al provide a good natured reality check on your future retirement plans.  Check it out and then, below, dip into the wealth of video that is available from Pure Financial Advisors.

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