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NaCCRA and LeadingAge have been working together through a
Joint Task Force of Providers and Residents to Find Commmon Ground

This webpage provides background on the discussions and the path toward mutual understanding between and among the Joint Task Force participants.

Click Here to Read the Steve Maag June 30, 2016 Documents

Click Here to Read the LeadingAge/NaCCRA Correspondence on
Issues Through September 8, 2016

Click Here to Read the LeadingAge/Naccra Correspondence on
Issues From September 8, 2016 Through November 27, 2016

Click Here to Read the Minutes of the June 29, 2016 Teleconference of the NaCCRA Delegation to the Joint Task Force

This table lists issues proposed by NaCCRA, many, but not all, of which were listed in LeadingAge's Steve Maag's June 30th message to NaCCRA



LeadingAge (Maag) Response

Issue Materials or Discussion Paper

Next Steps and Progress


The potential for financial guaranties for entry fee investments.


Ignored and not on LeadingAge list

 Entry Fee Guaranties

Simplified Overview as Requested by Providers

Model NAIC Bill Covering the Analogous Guaranties for Life Insurance, Annuities and Health Insurance

Lack of response probably connotes opposition; we should proceed independently.


Resident Bill of Rights


LeadingAge supports in principle but object to specifying Board representation

 CCRC Resident Bill of Rights

Best if voluntarily adopted by provider Boards; remain open to discussion of specifics; we should review and revise the Bill of Rights adopted at the May 2015 NaCCRA Board Teleconference.


Priorities for American healthcare

LeadingAge not interested

 Healthcare Challenges and Alternatives Analysis

Active Aging Advocates can pursue independently of NaCCRA since healthcare is more general than just affecting CCRC residents


Update to Revenue Ruling 72-124

LeadingAge will not work with NaCCRA on this and can be expected to oppose any changes to require increased accountability

 Tax Exemption Criteria Update

Seek sponsorships to allow NaCCRA or Active Aging Advocates or both jointly to pursue revision independently of LeadingAge.


Consumer Guide

LeadingAge argues that the consumer perspective is important but a balance is important [sic].

Access to various guides, most from the providers' perspective, some a compromise of consumer and provider views, and one or two from a consumer perspective.

LeadingAge will want a bland positive Guide; NaCCRA may go along; that can mislead consumers who may overlook serious provider deficiencies.  A “consumer” guide that papers over provider missteps is more misleading than no guide at all.


Fair, Principled Accounting for CCRC entry fees

LeadingAge needs to review recent FASB rules

The Challenge of Finding Full, Fair, and Credible Accounting Statements

LeadingAge has avoided for over six years efforts by NaCCRA to discuss accounting with provider CFOs


Model Laws

LeadingAge thinks the insurance risk (contingencies of mortality etc.) applies only to Type A contracts and proposes discussion.

The Financial Soundness Challenge and Responsive Proposals

NaCCRA has sought discussion of the Model Laws with LeadingAge providers since 2012.  LeadingAge has been silent on the models till now.


Solutions for Managing the Costs of Long Term Care

LeadingAge touts its Pathways™ and Senior Action Network™, privately branded initiatives, as its response to our offer to work jointly.

 LeadingAge Pathways Report

Paying for Long Term Care Services

NaCCRA will be better served to advocate independently on Long Term Care, while cooperating with LeadingAge, than to serve as junior partner in support of LeadingAge’s branded initiatives.


Evaluation Tool to help consumers make eldercare choices

Postpone till after Consumer Guide; subjectivity is a challenge; willing to consider

 To be developed

This might be better handled within Active Aging Advocates; subjectivity can be accommodated and help decision process


Solutions to the need for trustworthy eldercare advisors

Advisors need education and training

Many elderrcare advisors today have a conflict of interest that may affect the advice they provide

Advisors need ethical commitment to put interests of advisees first.


Challenge of eldercare for financially challenged elderly Americans

Not on LeadingAge list

 Addressing the Needs of the Indigent

Affluent CCRC residents cannot expect legislative protections without also addressing the needs of those less fortunate than they are.


Entrepreneurial disruption and technology

Not on LeadingAge List

 Future Change due to Entrepreneurial Disruption

Preparing for change can allow residents to benefit from change without feeling overwhelmed.


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